MSState COVID Dashboard

The values here are archived from the “Latest COVID-19 Campus Testing” page; the data is provided by Mississippi State University by the Longest Student Health Center. The the positivity rates are colored green for low positivity, red for high positivity, and bold, dark red for very high positivity (as outlined by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s “Understanding the ‘Percent Positive’” page as a guideline).

This page is for informative purposes only. Data presented may have many sources of error: Issues with the testing, not enough testing, not enough data (a big issue at the start of the semester with fewer weeks recorded), not all students or employees are tested at the Longest Student Health Center, and so forth. That last point is most important—there are many places to be tested outside of the LSHC and given the size of the student body, less than 1% had been tested at the beginning of the semester at LSHC. I use it as a barometer: A rough indicaiton of how it goes out there.

I talk more about the design here

Be well. Be safe.

Photo by Vincent Ghilione on Unsplash